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The Prayer Move is a not-for-profit ministry. We are looking for people who believe in the power of prayer to partner with us in "The Prayer Move".

Our goal is to cover the world with prayer. We will accomplish this by live settings, streaming, telephone conferencing, Zoom, prayer revivals, prayer breakfasts, luncheons, conferences, workshops, and seminars. 

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We will also be traveling abroad to provide Intensives, Healing/Deliverance Crusades, Prayer Training, Prayer Coaching, Prayer Revivals as well as Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops.

Your gift/donation is greatly appreciated, and will be used to further "The Prayer Move". 

*Please note: We are currently in need of:
audio/video equipment
musical instruments (keyboard, drums, etc)

microphones, amplifier, speakers
financial support
(to send forth our dedicated prayer team)

We Need Your Help!

Please tell us how you can help fulfill this mission.

If you would like to discuss your financial gift or donation, please call (470) 629-1464 or email us at

Thanks for submitting!

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